About Oron GPS

Why We are Different

Many of the cheap GPS tracking solutions you can find in the market today does not provide continuous service to their customers after first year. You are in danger of having to replace the entire system with new trackers and onlilne platform every year. That will cost you business a lot as well as loss of important data as well.

As a defence ministry approved GPS tracking system provider we have been providing GPS tracking service for over six years island wide. Continuous service is the reason that our customers keep coming back to us.

Why Choose Us

System is developed and maintained by us and we are well in control of it. So we are not only just device providers, but also provide you platform. After sales we will be completely in touch with you.Our lower maintenance cost is another benefit as it fits everyone's budget.

What You Get

For what invest we are willing to give you the maximum output. We provide warranty for both the device and platform with an assurance that you can reduce unwanted running and save fuel and also increase the profit for more than you investment in GPS System.

Meet The Energy

As over thousands devices running all over Sri Lanka, Oron GPS is as most accomplished as any GPS provider. Experience we have gathered by working on GPS systems over more than six years will give you more benefits to every aspect of your investment.


You can stop unwanted fuel waste today and make it profitable,
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