GPS Tracking Systems SRI LANKA

Real time location monitoring for your Car, van, bus, lorry bike, etc.
Cab services, Backhoe loaders manage your entire fleet in one location.

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Reduced fuel cost is not the only Benefit of OronGPS. Vehicle Tracking and fleet management systems enables your business to run under reduced operation cost by limiting unwanted vehicle running and improves the efficiency. It makes easier to manage your divers in one station.

New improved system comprises of live tracking, history playback, mileage report, speed charts, parking time monitor, power cut alarm, engine on/off report, POI and Geo fence entry / exit report, overall running report & etc.

What can I Monitor

You can install a GPS device today and start monitoring your device.
Also you can playback later anytime and check mileage, parking times and locations in a particular time period.

Playback Anytime

Check route later

Daily Mileage

Mileage in a given period

Parking Times

Filter parking durations and locations

Security Features

Secure your vehicle more


Alarms and alerts tha keep it safe

Many other reports

POI, Geofence, Overall reports

More from us

If you are tired of cheap low quality service providers then,
You are looking for our well maintained GPS tracking service, a team with years of experience.

Continues testing

We have our own platform being developed continuously in Sri Lanka, to suit your needs.

Well documented.

Handle every aspect with care and make sure performance. Monitor and backup continuously.

Years of service

Team that has experience of installing 2000 GPS trackers island wide and providing support.

Free updates

You will be eligible for most of the new features that are getting added to the system.

Solid Support

After sale hassle free support in platform functionality and device related support.

Simple Installation

Call us and reserve time. Bring your vehicles, we will quickly install & you can start tracking immediately.


You can stop unwanted fuel waste today and make it profitable,
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